Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic Signs For Vehicles


Do you want to brand your vehicle with graphics to advertise your business but still need to use the vehicle for other non business related activities?

The solution is magnetic signs. These signs are made from heavyweight vinyl that has a magnetic layer on the rear to allow it to temporarily stick to your vehicle.

The vinyl can be digitally printed with your company logo, name and graphics and then cut to size and shape.

When you are using the vehicle for business related activities, simply place the magnetic sign onto the side of the vehicle and when you have finished, simply peel it off and store it safely for next time.

These magnetic signs are ideal for taxi signs, take away delivery vehicles and any other temporary business use vehicles.


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Magnetic Sign Design And Print


The team at Alpha Signs And Print can help design a magnetic sign for your business if you don’t already have a design. We can incorporate your business name, logo and any other graphics into the sign ready for printing.

Our large format industrial printer produces photo quality images with eco solvent inks that are weather proof, ensuring that your printed sign will be of the highest quality.

Once printed, the sign is covered in a laminate to protect it further from the trials of outdoor use.

Finally the magnetic panel is cut to size and shape and is ready for use.

We can produce large magnetic signs up to a maximum of 1100mm x 3000mm.

We have been designing and producing magnetic van signs and magnetic car signs for over 20 years. With all the experience we have gained we are in an ideal position to help no matter what your requirement.


Magnetic Sign Vinyl For Printing Removeable Car And Van Graphics


Magnetic Signs Uses


We offer custom magnetic signs suitable for the following uses


Magnetic Taxi Signs

As a significant amount of vehicles used for taxis and private hire are also used as personal transport, magnetic signs are the ideal and most commonly used solution for taxi signs.


Take Away Delivery Vehicle Signs

Similarly to taxis, a lot of vehicles used for fast food and take away delivery are also personal transport for many people. The removeable option is great for those who only need tempory signage on their vehicle.


Oversize Load Magnetic Signs

Due to the inconsistent sizes of oversize loads, it is very cost effective to use custom magnetic signage to display warnings when transporting these loads on vehicles. Magnetic oversize load signs can be temporarily fitted to the vehicles where they can be seen and then removed once the load has been delivered.


Wide Load Magnetic Signs

As with oversize loads that vary in size, wide loads may cover permanant signage on the transporting vehicles. Temporary magnetic wide load signs are versatile and can be placed at appropriate points on the vehicles.


Magnetic On Tow Signs

These are ideal for recovery vehicles that may need to tow another vehicle on the road. Rather than relying on a sign swinging from a cord, magnetic on tow signs can be securely fitted in seconds and just as easily removed when needed.


Magnetic Truck Signs

trucks are usually sign written with permanant graphics but there are occasions where temporary graphics may be needed. Contractors may need to deliver goods under their employers brand and so a temporary magnetic panel with the company brand can be fitted to the vehicle.

There are also the situations where hazard warnings may need to be displayed and the use of magnetic hazard warning signs are an easily employed option.


Magnetic Car Signs

For many self employed people, they may need their car to be branded during their working hours but prefer to remove the signage when using it for personal trips out. Having removable magnetic car signs is a great way of achieving this.


Magnetic Van Signs

While most vans are permanantly branded with vehicle graphics, some owners may need to remove the graphics for the reasons of security or when using the van for other things. They may even have two businesses and need to swap the graphics depending on which business they are operating at the time.


Magnetic Horse Trailer Signs

Horse trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from small single horse box trailers to large trucks. While it may be great for the owners of large expensive horse transporters to decorate their vehicles with permanant graphics, some owners prefer to have a cost effective option that still provides great graphic opportunities.


Driving School Magnetic Signs

Driving schools are a claasic example of car graphics that often need to be temporary. While its great to advertise your business, there are many occasions where you just need your plain old car. Magnetic driving school signs can be applied and removed in seconds and along with specialised roof mounted magnetic signs, they can provide eyecatching advertising while out and about.


Magnetic Hazard Signs

These are ideal for workmen when working on site as a means of temporarily warning of hazards and risks around the work site and for vehicles transporting hazardous substances or large loads.



What are the Benefits of  Magnetic Signs


Besides the obvious advantage of being removable, magnetic vehicle signs are a low cost marketing opportunity.

The magnetic panels can be produced in a range of sizes and shapes to suit different applications and are created by digitally printing the design onto the surface of the vinyl. This is a very cost effective way of producing vehicle graphics.

You’ve likely seen vehicles with magnetic signs while doing errands of your own, so you understand just how useful they can be for reaching new potential customers.

Easy to put on and take off whenever you want, these are a really versatile form of advertising. They’re even easy to update and change because they’re just magnets. Taken off and switched with ease, you have full control over your vehicle advertising, ideal for the fast growing business on the go.

Being able to remove the magnetic van signs also makes your van less of a target for thieves looking for tools or other items as there is no indication of the van contents when the sign is removed.

A survey conducted by ECIS  found that around 40% of business owners decided not to brand their van. The overiding factor in the decision was that of theft of the contents. Home services and contractors that use tools were considered the most at risk with around 25% of the demographic worried about tool theft and vehicle damage caused by break ins.

Temporary magnetic van signage would provide a great solution to this problen, all the marketing – very limited risk.


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