Embroidery Near Me Stoke On Trent And The UK

Embroidery Near Me Stoke On Trent And The UK


Embroidery services for customers in Stoke on Trent and across the UK.

Looking for cost effective, custom embroidery services provided by a helpful, experienced UK company ?

Alpha Signs And Print has been supplying customers in Stoke On Trent and across the UK with personalised embroidery services for over 22 years. Our experienced team can provide everything you need for your embroidered clothing requirements.

Take a look through our guide to our embroidery process and see how we can provide the perfect custom embroidered clothing for your needs.


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Your One Stop Shop for complete design, embroidery, print and signage services for your company, organisation, merchandise or club.


Why Choose Alpha Signs And Print For Your Embroidery

We are a well established sign and print company in Stoke On Trent that have been supplying services to  customers throughout the UK for over 22 years.

Our client base covers businesses small and large, charities, national brands, bands, fashion and street brands, clubs and lots more.

We provide services locally in Stoke On Trent and the surrounding areas but our client base is nationwide through the UK. We have customers from Cornwall, London and the southern counties up through the midlands in Lichfield, Shrewsbury and Birmingham, continuing north through Crewe, Southport and Bradford.


With such a diverse client set and years of experience, you can rest assured that we can provide the ideal, cost effective embroidery service for your garments and company clothing, regardles of your location, quantity or other requirements.

We work with you to produce your ideal personalised embroidery product . While we always try to produce the most cost effective solution, we do not sacrifice quality or service to accomplish it. Occaisionally it costs a bit more to do the job right and thats how we do it – RIGHT.

We make sure our quality is the best as we have seen many items that others have supplied and then had customers come to us as they are not happy with the previous supplier. This is why we have a great reputation and retain a huge portion of our existing clients.

Our Baruden embroidery machines have 10 heads and allow us to produce very high quality designs with up to 10 colours per design.

There is a one off £25+vat fee for digitising image files for logos and pictures but this may be waivered depending on the order size. Text based designs are digitised for free.

We recommend left hand breast location logos are no larger than 115 mm across and large front or back designs no larger than 280 mm.

We can embroider most materials and garments as long as we can get them onto the machines, with the noted exception of football boots.

With no specific minimum order and FREE quotes, we can supply a wide selection of garments from our online catalogue and embroider them with your design, usually within a 5 – 7 working day period. Large orders may take longer to complete. If you require an order at short notice on a quick turnaround, we always do our best to accomodate your situation.



Our Embroidery Services

Embroidered Logos

We can embroider your company logo onto the garment of your choice. If you need help with logo design we provide a design service. If you need custom logo embroidery why not give us a call.

Embroidered Graphics

We can design and produce embroidered graphics on garments, caps and other items.

Embroidered Merchandise

We can embroider various items for merchandising purposes.

Embroidered Caps

Embroidered baseball caps and snapbacks along with embroidered beanies are all products that we can design and supply.

Embroidered Clothing

Choose from our great selection of clothing and garments then have them embroidered with the graphic of your choice. Custom embroidery is great for personalised clothing.

Embroidered Names

Some businesses have the requirment for their staff to have their names on their work clothes. We provide an excellent name embroidering service. Personalised embroidery is great for staff and people in interactive situations.

Embroidered Uniforms

We can embroider both work unforms and school uniforms. We can embroider the uniforms directly or provide patches that are fixed to the garment by sewing or heat pressing.

Embroidered Patches And Badges

We can design and produce embroidered patches. For more information on patches and badges see our badges and patches article

Large Embroidered Designs

Our machines allow us to produce quite large designs. These are usually found on merchandise products or fashion items. For more information on sizes available, give us a call on 01782 417500.

Embroidered Equestrian Designs

The Equestrian sports use a lot of embroidered garments. The most common riding garments we embroider are polo shirts.

We can supply various polo shirts and tops suitable for riding and equestrian from suppliers such as Front Row and Henbury.

Embroidered Sportswear

Various sports have garments that are suitable for embroidery. We can provide name, team, badge and graphic embroidery for clubs requiring their sportswear to be embroidered.

We can provide application on various garment locations and at various sizes.

Please enquire for more specific information


What Is Embroidery?


Embroidery is a way of producing graphics and lettering using stitches and coloured cotton.

It is an old process that was originally performed by hand and still is as a hobby craft.

These days, the pressure of commercial production has seen the process modernised with multi head, high speed machines that can produce complex, multi colour designs in a short period of time.

A small piece of backing material is placed behind the garment to be embroidered in order to stop the material pulling out of shape when the layers of thread are stitched. The area of the garment to be stitched is then placed in a frame to provide tension and keep the garment in position while the stitching takes place.

The garment and frame are placed on the embroidery machine and the design is stitched onto the material using coloured cottons.

When finished, the garment is removed from the frame, the backing material is removed and it is ready to wear.


Advantages Of Embroidery

Distinctive and professional appearance

Can be used on a wide range of garments

Extremely durable and long lasting

Does not fade or crack

Ideal for company logos on garments


Disadvantages Of Embroidery

Limited colours

The finished design is heavier than a print.

Cannot produce high resolution graphics.

The cost can be higher than other garment decoration options


Our Embroidery Process


Your Embroidery Design Concept

As with  our other services, our embroidery service starts with your inital idea for the design and garments that you require.

Most businesses or customers already have a design prepared, be it their own logo, lettering or graphic. This is ideal as it means that all we have to do is  digitize the design so the machine can understand it.

If you require a logo or graphic designing, we can help with that as we provide a full design service for our products. We work with you to produce a design that is ideal for your business, club or merchandise requirement.

Unlike a lot of other services, if you have already have an embroidered design on a garment, we can photograph the actual embroidery and generate a new version from the photograph. In most cases we produce a design that is far better than the original embroidery. The example below shows the original embroidery on the left and our new finished design from the photograph and digitising process we use on the right.


Embroidered logo for our Stoek On Trent Client by Alpha Signs And Print


When we have the graphic or logo we can provide a mockup of the finished garment if required. All that is required is approval to continue with the order.


Choosing Your Garments

We provide a wide selection of garments, suitable for just about any industry or occasion. Browse through our catalogue to see what products are available and choose a suitable garment for your needs. If you cannot find anything suitable, give us a call and we may be able to source something that fits your requirements.


Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have regarding garment selection or our services


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Digitising The Design

Any graphics or lettering must be digitised in order to convert the original design into a format that the embroidery machine will understand.

This process involves placing the original design into a software package that combines colours into groups relative to a colour of cotton.

The number of colours that can be used depends on the number of heads on the machine as each head holds a different colour cotton.

For this reason, designs that contain very small details or large amounts of colours are not suitable for embroidery.

Once the colours are separated, the program then converts the design to stiches using a count that is dependant on the thickness of cotton used. A thinner cotton can provide a much higher thread count and a more detailed graphic but this usually incurs a higher cost due to the longer stitching time and more complex design.

Once the program has converted the graphic to a digitised version, it saves a file that can be sent to the embroidery machine for stitching.


Setting Up The Embroidery Machine

With the design digitised, the thickness and colours of the required cottons are now known. The appropriate cottons are fitted to the needles on the machine and the machine is checked and setup for the design to be printed. The design is loaded into the machine ready for the first garment.


Mounting The Garment In The Embroidery Hoop

Hooping is the process of securing the garment in a hoop. This hoop is designed to hold the garment fabric taut and in position on the machine. The garment is placed over the lower section of the hoop and the top is closed down to stretch the material.

The hoop fits onto the machine in a fixed postion to allow the design to be centered.

Most garments  require a piece of backing material to be fitted into the hoop with the garment. This material will be cut or pulled away after the machine finishes sewing. The backing material is there to add some stability and structure to the material while the machine sews as a lot of garments are quite thin when stretched on the hoop.


Tracing The Design To Be Embroidered

With the garment secured in the hoop, it is placed onto the embroidery machine.

At this point the design is checked for correct alignment to ensure it is stitched in the correct postion.

The machine completes a tracing pattern that does not apply any stitching. This allows for alignment chacking without any waste of material.


Emboidering The Design

Once everything is in place and setup, it’s time to start stitching the design onto the garment. We press GO and the machine starts to embroider the design onto the garment.

Depending on the design complexity, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour to complete each desgn. Occaisionally we have produced really big designs on the back of hoodies and jackets that have taken a couple of hours or more to complete.


Trimming The Embroidery Backing And Threads

After the design is fully embroidered, the garment is remived from the machine and the hoop.

The final part of the process is to remove the backing material and trim up any ends remaining from the stitching. This produces a clean and professional finish to the embroidered garment and it is ready for collection by the customer.



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Garments For Embroidery

Embroidered T Shirts

T shirt embroidery is less common than the other forms of decoration. Custom t-shirt embroiderey is usually used for small embroidered logos and embroidered names as the material used for T shirts is usually thinner than other garments and can be distorted by heavy stitching.

The most common places for T shirts to be embroidered are the left or right chest area and the sleeves.

If you are looking for custom embroidered T shirts, we have a great selection of shirts available.

We can supply both mens embroidered Tshirts and womens embroidered T shirts.

Embroidered Hoodies

Custom embroidered hoodies are quite popular amongst fashion brands and streetwear. Companies that have workers based outside often use personalised embroidered hoodies to subtley market their company with embroidered logos, lettering and graphics.

Hoodies are very suitable for embroidered graphics as they are made from thicker material. This allows bigger designs with heavier stitch counts to be embroidered withour any fear of distortion or discomfort for the wearer.

Common locations for embroidered designs on hoodies are the front chest area, the sleeves and occaisonally the back, although care must be taken with the back placement due to the hood covering part of the back when down.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

We supply a large amount of embroidered polos to customers. They are very popular with service companies and bsuinesses that have customer facing clients as they provide a professional apperance above that of a plain t-shirt.

Like our other garments, custom embroidered polo shirts are available with no minimum order and we provide free quotes on all our products and services.

Personalised embroidered polo shirts are usually decorated on the chest area with a bsuiness logo or name. Occasionally we get asked for sleeve placements which are possible dependant on the size of the logo or graphics. While not as heavy as hoodies or sweatshirts, polo shirts with their thicker fabric are great for embroidery.

Embroidered Shirts

Shirt embroidery is common in the hospitality sector and with service busineses who have customer facing staff.

Custom shirt emboridery usually incorporates a business logo or name or a staff member name on the chest area of the shirt.

Shirts and blouses tend to be of thing material so lighter weight designs work best. We try to avoid heavy cottons and high stitch counts when embroidering plain shirts and blouses.

Embroidered Sweatshirts

Similar to hoodies, sweatshirts are made from a heavy fabric and so are more suitable for heavier designs. That being said we most commonly get asked for chest placements of custom embroidered logos by companies with staff working in outdoor situations.

Embroidered Jackets, Fleeces And Coats

These garments are made from a multitude of fabrics in various thicknesses. Due to the large variations in construction please contact us to discuss garment suitability for our embroidery service.


Large Embroidery Design On The Back Of A Jacket

Large embroidered design on the rear of a jacket for our Stoke On Trent customer

Embroidered Aprons

Very popular with the hospitality sector, custom embroidered aprons provide a classy appearance for any restaurant or hospitality staff.

We have a great selection of aprons to choose from in our catalogue.


If you have any other garments or materials such as towels etc we can usually provide embroidery to your requirements.




Tips For A Great Embroidered Graphic


Use as few colours as possible.


Sharp, defined designs make better graphics.


try not to use very fine details.


Text must be at least 6mm to be clear and readable


Vector designs ( Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc ) are best but we also accept designs in .eps, PDF and high resolution ( 300 dpi min ) .JPG files. We can also photograph and digitise existing embroidered designs.



Why not get in touch with us today and find out how WE can help YOU with your UK embroidery requirements.


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How Much Does Embroidery Cost Per Shirt

Our embroidery prices start at £5.50 per shirt

How Long Does Embroidery Take

We usually complete an order in 5-7 working days

Do You provide Free Quotes

We do Provide free Quotes

What Areas Do You Serve

We are located in Stoke On Trent and serve the local area along with the rest of staffordshire, cheshire, derbyshire, shropshire and the UK as a whole

Can You Design My Logo For Embroidery

Yes. We provide a full design service but it is at extra cost

Do you charge a digitisation fee

Yes. Logos are £25 + vat but the fee may be waivered depending on the order size. Text based designs are digitised for free

What size should my logo be for embroidery

For a logo on the the left breast of a shirt we recommend no larger than 115mm. Text should be at least 6mm for clarity and readability