Embroidered Patches And Embroidered Badges

Embroidered Patches And Embroidered Badges

Best Place To Order Custom Patches UK


Custom embroidered patches and custom embroidered badges are produced here in the Uk by Alpha Signs And Print at our Stoke On Trent premises.

We have supplied personalised embroidered badges and personalised embroidered patches to businesses, clubs and organisations based here in Stoke On Trent and all across the UK for over 20 years.

Whether you need a full design, digitisation and production service or you already have your design, we can offer very competitive pricing with no minimum order.


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Best Custom Patches


Here at Alpha Signs And Print, we have been designing and creating custom embroidered patches and badges for a large, varied selection of customers throughout the UK.

This has allowed us to gain a massive amount of experience, both in designing and producing the best quality embroidered custom patches in the UK.

Our focus is on quality, great customer service and providing value for our customers.

Some of our customers come to us unhappy with the quality of the products they have received from other companies. An example of our embroidery quality can be seen below with the previous embroidered design on the left and our supplied design on the right.


Example of embroider quality from Alpha Signs And and print v our customers previous supplier


Details of our full embroidery services can be found on our embroidery services post or for more garment decoration options you can visit our personalised clothing page.


Custom Embroidered Patches UK


Embroidered patches, sometimes referred to as applique patches, are easily produced as custom or personalised patches and badges.

Personalised patches stand out as they add a quality appearance in a small size.

One advantage of embroidered patches is that they can be ordered in bulk and then easily applied as needed. This is an advantage for companies who have a large amount of staff or a high staff turnover and do not wish to custom order new work clothing for each new employee.

The company can simply order or hold their standard blank work garments and affix the custom embroidered patches when required. This process can be streamlined with iron on patches.


Custom embroidered patch by Alpha Signs And Print

Custom 3d Embroidery Patches


Thanks to the nature of embroidery, it is easy to create custom 3d embroidery patches. The increased build up of the stitching on these specialised patches provides increased depth to complement the colours to make the personalised 3d patches and personalised 3d badges stand out.

Ideal for brands, the design of these 3d embroidered patches is usually limited to small logos or single letter designs due to the bulkiness of the patch or badge.

These 3d embroidered patches are often used on caps or the breasts of shirts for maximum visual impact.


Iron On Patches And Iron On Badges


Iron on patches and iron on badges offer a convenient solution to applying your custom embroidered patches and personalised embroidered badges to garments or materials.

Iron on patches for clothes are a great way to merchandise your club or organisation. Alternatively, you can add custom iron on patches and personalised iron badges to towels, caps and other items to produce saleable merchandise.

We produce iron on patches and iron on badges using industry recognised software and our 10 colour embroidery machines in our Stoke On Trent facility, ready for shipping to our customers across the UK.

Manufacture starts as it would for any embroidered design, by digitising the initial artwork.

We then load the required cottons onto the machine and set up the program to run the design.

The patches are produced on a thicker backing material to give them more stability. This material is stretched on a frame and loaded into the machine ready for the design to be stitched.

When we have made sure that everything is correctly aligned, production begins.

After the embroidered badges and embroidered patches have been made, we apply a glue coat to the rear of the custom embroidered badge or embroidered patch to produce the finished personalised iron on appliques.


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How To Apply  Iron On Patches And iron On Badges


Use a dry iron or a heat press to apply your iron on patches and iron on badges.

NEVER use a steam iron. Heat, time and pressure all affect the finished result. For the actual application of the embroidered iron on patch, the iron should be set to its highest temperature.

If using a heat press, a firm pressure with a temperature of around 250 degrees centigrade should be used for around one and a half to two minutes, depending on the material the iron on applique is being applied to. Polyester garments may need a lower temperature for a longer period of time.

Take your garment and iron the front where your embroidered iron on badge will be placed. Next, turn the garment inside out and then once again, iron the location of where your custom embroidered iron on patch will sit.


Your personalised iron on badge now needs to be placed on the gamentlace your patch in position on your garment. This can be done with the garment inside out or you can turn the garment the right way out.

It is important that you place and hold the iron on patch in the correct position as it will not be possible to reposition the embroidered iron on badge once you have started the heat fixing process.

Once the personalised iron on patch is in place, the garment will need to be turned inside out, if it is not already.

Cover the garment with a thin, dry material, ideally cotton, where the personalised embroidered badge is positioned. Try to use a piece of material that you will not use again as the process generally scorches the covering material.

Set your iron to its maximum temperature and press the iron down as hard as possible onto the covering material and iron on patch for at least two and half minutes.

Once you have applied the heat process it is necessary to let the garment sit for about 24 hours in order to allow the bonding process with the glue set properly.


Sew On Patches UK And Sew On Badges UK


Sew on patches are the best variation of the embroidered patches. While sew on patches and sew on badges are more time consuming and a little more inconvenient to apply they are the better choice.

Stitching the custom embroidered patch to a garment is the most secure way of affixing the patch or badge. There is no risk of the patch starting to peel away from the garment which can happen if an iron on patch has not been properly applied.

As with the iron on patches, our sew on embroidered patches are available in up to 10 colours and are produced on a stable thick material to ensure stability.

The edges on our stitch on badges and patches are finished with overlocked stitching  to prevent fraying and the sew on and iron on patches are available in various sizes and custom shapes.


Applying Sew On Patches


Sew on patches can be stitched to a garment by hand or with a sewing machine.

Try to find a colour matching thread and stitch the patch neatly around the edge to fix it to the garment.

Once stitched the sew on patch should be secure and last for the lifetime of the garment.


Our Embroidered Patches And Embroidered Badges Products


Bespoke Embroidered Badges

These are ideal for clubs and organisations that have an insignia or badge that represents their group. We can replicate your badge design and produce high quality embroidered badges in sew on or iron form.


Embroidered patches

Embroidered patches can contain images,  lettering or both and are suitable for all kinds of businesses, clubs, brands and organisations.


Embroidered logo patches

Embroidered logo patches are great for businesses or clubs who require their logo in an eye-catching but easy to apply product but do not wish to custom order standard embroidered clothing.


Embroidered name patches And Embroidered name badges

These are often used for work uniforms and occasionally for school uniforms. Usually fixed to shirts on the left breast, they present a more customer friendly presentation of staff in a customer facing role.


Embroidered name tags

These tags are suitable for fixing to various items such as bags and are popular for children’s school items amongst other things.


Brand embroidery patches

Similar to logo patches, these can present a logo but are usually differentiated because they are designed with the brand name as the main focus.


Embroidered logo patches

Logo embroidery patches are designed using a company, organisation or club logo. This can take the form of an image or lettering. The logo is digitised and then run through our embroidery machines to stitch the design onto a thick backing material that can be sewn or ironed onto a garment.

3D Embroidered Patches

3d patches are made by increasing the depth of the stitching. Multiple added layers of stitches produce a 3d effect to the design with increased depth. These are a specialised design and are a bulky item in relation to their size. Suitable for small designs with limited, clear contents such as single letters or icons.



Our embroidered patches are also suitable for

  • Custom Flag Patches
  • Military Patches
  • Insignia Badges
  • Martial Arts Patches and Badges
  • Motorcycle Club Patches
  • Personalised Sports Club Badges

And many others….


Embroidered Patches And Embroidered Badges From Alpha Signs And Print

Alpha Signs And Print pride themselves on their quality and customer service. We have not stayed in business for over two decades without providing a great customer experience and quality products.

If you need custom embroidered patches why not give us a call and see how we can help make your requirements a simple process with a customer focused design to delivery service.


We offer free advice and free quotes. We work with you to produce the product you want and have no minimum order levels.


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