Business Signage Top 5 Tips For Better Signs

Business Signage Top 5 Tips For Better Signs

When creating signs for your business it’s important to understand how to maximise the advertising opportunity they provide. Here are our top 5 tips to optimise your business signage based on over 20 years of industry experience.

These tips are provided to help new and established companies in all business sectors.

We have taken advantage of over 20 years of experience designing, creating and fitting signs of all types and sizes to bring you 5 of the best and most impactful tips to make sure your business makes the most of your signage opportunities.

1. Business Signs Display Business Information

Obvious huh! Well, its not always applicable. While it is advisable and important to include your business information on your signage, you should consider where the sign is mounted and who will see it.

Not only that but how will they be able to use the information that is displayed

You should consider the following business information to include on your signage:

  • Your company name
  • Business landline and mobile telephone numbers
  • Your business website URL
  • Your business tag line or reference to your service or products
  • Social media channels and links


So, your business name is a no brainer. No point having a sign if it doesn’t tell people who it is about.

Telephone numbers are a major consideration, especially if you are a service business. Retail chains with well known brands tend not to display their numbers as they have a central contact point.

Your website URL is always good to display as it allows people an opportunity to discover your service or products at greater depth without having to enter the premises. A website also provides multiple points of contact.

Your tag line or service is an option if it is not obvious from your shop front what your business provides or supplies.

Social links provide an opportunity for more engagement and contact.

All the above are valid additions to your business signage but when should you consider their inclusion? On to tip 2.

2. Simple Clear Business Sign Design

When designing your business signage, you need to understand it’s purpose. The sign is there to convey your business name, contact details and possibly your messaging.

In order to do this, it needs to be simple, clear and definable. This does not mean that your sign cannot be atrractive and eye catching.

Consider who is going to see the sign and when. When does not just mean day or night, but it covers what people are doing when they pass your business. Are they walking, riding or driving?

A simple, clear sign allows people to read the information regardless of how they are passing. This is one of the considerations of what information to display can comes into play.

Having small social media icons or adress links wont work for the majority of passers by if they are driving or riding. Even people walking may find them of little use as they would typically need to photograph or type the link address into their phone.

Try to keep the information to the essentials for general frontage signage in order to maximise readability.

3. Business Sign Positioning And Location

Following on from the design and why it is important, the location and postion of the sign also affects the viabilty of what information to display.

Your main business sign above your premises entrance or accross the premises wall is usually large and prominent but at a high level. This is the fmain signage focal point. It can be any size, but is usually quite large. This allows maximum visibility.

Along with your business name, your business slogan or service can be included as long as it does not detract from the clarity of the sign. It is ok to add your tel numbers and possibly your website but remember, will people be able to read that information and remember it based on their mode of passing by your premesis.

To target people in order to provide greater amounts of information, you should consider other signage locations.

Consider indoor signage where people are standing long enough to interact with more complex messaging.

Window graphics can target people who are more able to interact and process the information.

Vehicle graphics allow advertising to large numbers of people but once again, conider that most peope will see the vehicle when it is moving so design appropriately for clarity and readability. Great graphics are fine as long as the actual message or business name is clearly readable

The positioning and location of your signs also play a part in the type of signage you can use. Neon or LED signage is great for indoor or window display. Even large outdoor business signs can be lit.

Consider A boards or digitally printed roller banners for small footprint, floor mounted signage that is targeted at foot traffic.

4. Use Your Branding For Business Signage

It is very important to design your signs to incorporate your business branding. Your colours, fonts and styles should be transferred into the design of your signs.

This means that people will register and associate your branding even if they ony get a glimpse of something relevant. Consistent branding throughout your business signage, along with everything else is essential.

5. Different Business Signs For Different Messaging

Going back to the points regarding who can interact with the signage content, you should always consider the target viewer and the message you wish to convey.

Think about the level of interaction needed in order to read and process the information provided on the sign. Consider the size of the text, the colours, whether someone needs to copy information such as your social media links or website address.

Does the sign need to stand out and shout amongst a sea of other signs or does your business sector have a particular standard that is expected. You don’t see any solicitors advertising with neon signs so be sector appropriate.

Take Aways

The tips offer a set of realistic considerations and requirements for companies looking to add or replace signage for their business.

Overall you should consider the purpose of the sign, its location and the target audience then design to maximise its readabilty and ‘attention grabbing’ factor.

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